Oct 10


This is exactly how I feel today.  Often kids (even in adult bodies)  struggle to “fit in”.  They want to be like everyone else – just regular.  It starts from wanting to wear the same clothes as everyone else in grade school, to doing the same things as everyone else in high school and/or college, then driving the same car, having the same house, living the same life….as everyone else in adult hood as if the Jones’ really live a regular life.

Really?  Let’s celebrate being “not the norm”.  Let’s let our kids realize the beauty of who they are, of what they like, and how good it feels to be themselves.  Let’s teach them that they are the best them there is – even if it’s not regular!  Let’s let that attitude follow them into adulthood where they can learn, discover and know that nothing, and I mean nothing, feels better than living in their own skin.

Let’s give them and ourselves the freedom to be extraordinary!

Aug 7

“What we have here is failure to communicate.”   Cool Hand Luke 1967 (love that movie!)

Yep.  That about sums it up.  Failure to cOMmunicate.

Dear Blog,

WOW – It’s been nearly a month since we last spoke and much has happened in that time.  There’s been so much to say, mOMents that have cOMe and gone, and daily living lived…..well, at the speed of life.  I feel like you are my long lost friend who deserves to be caught up.  After all, we’ve shared some intimate observances and well….you are very good listener and I am very grateful for that.

Here’s what you’ve missed –  summer road trips, sick kids, bacteria infection on 3 out of 4 members of our small tribe, the flu, another MRI, x-rays on 2 out of 4 members, multiple trips to the doc, and scheduled surgery.  Oh…and did I mention the yard renovation?  The weed pulling (which I’m not very good at), rock shoveling, wood staining, sod laying, flower planting, soil amending type of renovation?  Yes, it’s happening, there’s a green movement in our back yard.  Super cool.  I must say, the sight of fat green tomatoes really make me smile.

Yes, we’ve been busy…..but above all,  I’ve noticed that sOMetimes cOMmunication helps keep us accountable.  The mOMent you cOMmunicate verbally “I love you” you have just stated that you are accountable and responsible for loving another – even when that person is yourSELF.  When you cOMmunicate “I am making dinner” people expect dinner to be made.  When you cOMmunicate a willingness to take a job, people expect you to show up to work.  And when you cOMmunicate through a blog, share your life with others, and encourage inspirational living through life observations, well people expect you to keep calm and carry on.  I am also grateful for that.

Thank you Blog.  I have missed you!  At many times during my days I have wanted to share with you my journey but never took the time to do so.   So thank you for holding me accountable, you’ll be hearing from me a lot more.

Love lives here part three – up next.


May 27

Sheesh….where have I been?  Well for starters I have been working on new art (cOMing soon) and trying to turn those paintings into cards (yes cards!).  It’ s been a lot of trial and error, but as with life, it seems to be how I learn the best.  I used to think I could just observe others and learn from their “mistakes” however I’m finding out that if I just dive in and try it, then I can use my experience to guide me through the next steps.  It’s what one of my former yoga instructors called “throwing darts”.  Yep….you throw and it’s a little off to the right…..so you re-adjust and throw again.  Each time you throw a new dart, you are using the information you gained from the previous throw to re-adjust the next throw…..maybe harder, or softer, or a bit more to the left.  Each throw gives you information that you can use to hone in on where you want to go with anything you are aiming for.  Now, if I could just figure out  where the bulls eye is!

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