Dec 2

Two words:  Pinch Me

Today….on my 41st birthday I received one of the best all time gifts ever.  I (well my art) was published in one of the most beautiful inspirational magazines around.  As anyone who knows me can tell you I secretly want to be an author one day.  Yep, you hear that universe?  I would love to publish a book!  And this…..this amazing opportunity to be in a magazine that I have admired and used time and time again as a constant source of inspiration let me be a part of who they are.  I take this as small step in the direction of my dreams to writing a book.  I can’t explain the feeling…..only that it’s so surreal that I just want someone to pinch me.  It is with a humble heart that I thank Somerset Studio Gallery with everything I’ve got.  You Somerset, who have given me inspiration, has entrusted me to do the same……seriously…..pinch me.

To get your own incredible source of inspiration at Somerset Studio Gallery, a Stampington and Company Publication click here.