Apr 17

She said:

“I felt like I was holding myself together..when all the pieces of me want to fall apart.”   – Powerful

These were the words that came out at the end of a recent  yoga class I taught in which we held our hands flat over our heart as we chanted our final “OM”.   Was it the whisper of our heartbeats held in our hands or the vibration created from the sound resonating throughout our bodies?  No matter what it was, they were the words that inspired me to once again dust off this blog. The words that helped me realize that while I thought my word -for -the -year was renewal (as in body, mind, and soul)  it really has come down to reassurance that this (whatever this is) is what I’m meant to do.  It’s just what I needed to hear from a student that thought she was the benefactor of her words and experience, but it was really me.

This is why I love yoga.  This is why I teach yoga.  Because it meets you where you’re at, not where you’re mind (ego) and body necessarily want to be, but where you’re at right now.  I’m not talking about the physical bendy what kind of silly shape can you put yourself in kind of yoga.  I’m talking about the exploration of the mental discipline combined with the integration of physical form, breath, and awareness which with practice can take you on a journey of self discovery if you let it.  The kind of yoga that experientially teaches you that it’s okay to give to yourself what you’re not getting from anyone else, even if that means holding yourself together or granting yourself permission to fall apart.

She shared.  I am grateful.  Never stop sharing your story, you just never know who might need to hear it.  Thanks for the reminder.

In peace, love, and light.





Feb 23

She didn’t know that I had set an intention early in 2011 to inspire people.  Not to give them my thoughts on inspiration but to inspire them to be moved and act in a way that serves them.  She didn’t know that to me, it’s a gift to watch someone’s life unfold.  To watch worry lines fade and smile lines make an appearance.  I love the beauty that emerges when students show up to their own lives as a direct result of mindfully practicing yoga on the mat then skillfully using the tools they’ve learned in their own lives where it really matters.  This is why I do what I do….because it’s simply beautiful…and let’s be honest, makes me feel good.

Then, when I least expect it, I get notes, emails, cards, gifts, etc. thanking me for helping them, inspiring them and teaching them (all which can’t be done without loving them).  But see, it’s backwards…it is ME who should be thanking YOU.  For your trust in me as a teacher, for your willingness to try and adapt those teachings in your life, and most of all for the gift of letting me be a witness to your transformation.  This is what changes the world.

The photo above is of my necklace that my husband bought for me as a gift on Etsy.  If you want a sassy little necklace of your own click  right here.  Let me just tell you that she has a lot of goodies on there!  I also must say that I love the way the photo turned out and what it represents.  My necklace which hangs at my heart, leaned up against a rock solid foundation (my husband), nestled in the earth, with shadows of doubt….but in the midst of it all, there’s new life.  Yah, that’s good on all kinds of levels.

Let the beauty of what you love be what you do – Rumi



Dec 10

I had it all planned – my next painting that is.  I was going to call it “Everything Belongs”, a concept my yoga students and I had been exploring during class.  I even had a blog post based on experience and a story to go along with it.  I felt so prepared even before I started.  I knew the colors, the layout, the materials, and idea behind it.  I couldn’t wait to carry out my plan and then…..well, “my” plan went out the window.

Inspiration hit (which I normally LOVE), and I quickly followed.  I painted over my original idea, chose different colors, used different materials, and went in a new direction.  Upon realizing I wasn’t painting according to plan…I  came to a screeching halt! stopped.   I put it down and left it because it wasn’t going my way instead of enjoying it for what it was, pure creative expression coming from sOMewhere other than myself.

Days went by…painting unfinished, unloved, untouched.  Later I realized that life has a way of making other plans when we aren’t looking, so I decided that my painting would be a safe place to practice following my heart instead of my head to see where it would lead me.  I mean really, if it didn’t work out, I just had another canvas with lots of texture to start over again later.  Ironically, I have lots of texture in my life to work with!

Doors emerged ( I have a thing for doors and what they represent), then more colors, more layers, and a saying that just seemed to fit the bill.  I didn’t seek it, IT found me….all I did was listen.

An unexpected painting emerged, new product ideas born, and a trust established between heart and head.

Shhh…..listen closely your heart is knocking….open the door and

Let Love In.

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