Mar 11

And so is this website!  

There’s been some renovations happening with this little website of mine.  First, check out the shop on the right!!!  I have finally FINALLY opened my very own Etsy store for real.  Not all of my prints are there, but most.  I have also added two card collections that I am most proud of.  I LOVE them!  Each card is left blank on the inside for your own personal message, but the inspiration behind the art is printed on the back….thanks for the idea dad.

Next, sign up for the monthly e-newsletter.  I will send them out about once a month with the inside scoop as to what’s been happening.  That will also be the place I will announce secret sales, giveaways, and shop updates.  In the works….necklaces and journals.  I am just one of those people who can’t get my hands on enough journals.  I am currently testing out a few printers to see which ones have the look and feel that I’m trying to convey….if anyone has any ideas – I’m all ears!  As far as necklaces….well, I’ve had a few epic fails in my attempts to make them…arg.  Not sure when they’ll make an appearance, but hopeful that they will.

PIN IN – I am addicted to Pinterest.  It’s an online pin board that I use for serious inspiration.  You now have the ability to “pin” anyone of my paintings, but please do reference it’s source.  Thank you for understanding.  The “pin it” button appears at the top of each post.  At the bottOM of each post, you now have the ability to “like” it on facebook.

Seriously, I have been stretched in the technology department and have made most of these changes myself so please let me know if any of the tabs, buttons, gadgets, widgets, bells, and whistles aren’t working when you press them.  Not sure I can fix them, but I should probably know about them.  *shrug*  🙂

This message brought to you by the ability to LET GO.  More on that to cOMe…….



Apr 29

Technology…..we have a love/hate relationship.  I seriously LOVE the fact that technology allows me to work anywhere at anytime with my trusty laptop and wifi by my side.  However the fact that technology is not always intuitive is a little less to be desired.  After all, how hard can it be to copy and paste a picture onto a website?????  Wait….Don’t answer that.

However, after trying to figure out how to make a gallery on this site (with a little help frOM my friends) I’ve finally got my mixed media work up.  Check it out and see what I’ve I’ve been up to lately by clicking here. Enjoy!