Sep 5

The blogging world is AMAZING!  It let’s you meet with people who share your dreams,  insights, life stories, and philosophies that you might not otherwise meet in your own neighborhood.  It broadens your world view that others across the globe are going through the very same things you are.  It expands your perspective, opens your eyes, and quite often your heart.  Above all else, it proves that we ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.  There’s a connection that is simply undeniable.

Today, I am truly blessed and humbled that Beth Nicholls featured my story on her blog.  Beth believes that the world would be a better place if more people were doing what they love and let me share my story to hopefully inspire others to do the same.  Click here to read my short story and visit her lovely site!  You’ll be glad you found her.

Breath In…..Peace Out!

Mar 8

So…I’ve been listening to a lot of stories that people have shared this past week.  Beautiful stories…some tearfully hard to hear – which got me thinking…..What if you were sitting across from someone who shared their story and you found common ground.  You offered encouraging words and gave them space to tell their stories and feel their life.  You were there for them with a soft heart and open arms to cOMfort the false self (aka ego) that we so easily identify with.  What would you say to them?  My guess is you’d tell them, they are not their past, nor are they their future.  They simply are.

Now imagine the persons story you are listening to is yours.  What changes?  The story is still the same and yet somehow we find it difficult to extend that same cOMpassion to ourselves.  To give ourselves the courtesy to feel our emotions, the space to acknowledge our past, and permission to let it go – knowing we can always pick it up later if we want to carry that weight again.  It’s like a backpack that we wear called “the past” that we stuff all the heavy, the emotion, the crud and carry it as if it serves us and makes us stronger.  But the longer we carry it, the heavier it gets and then we add more stuff and pick up more junk along the way.

Take your backpack off, just for today.  Set it outside.  You can always pick it up later, promise.  But for today, just today, live in this moment by soaking up what each moment that is currently happening has to offer and see if by chance you find an extraordinary day out of ordinary moments.  Feel the warmth of that 1st cup of coffee or tea…..smell the aroma.  Feel the texture of your clothes, take each task at your job as if it’s the only thing that exists while you’re doing it.  Taste your food and see if you can identify each and every succulent  flavor.

Just think “today” is tomorrows “past”.  If you fully live in each moment today, you won’t have more crud to add to your backpack but rather experiences from which you will discover that life is extraordinary.

PS – Don’t take my word for it…check it out for yourself and report back.  I’d love to hear about it.

Mar 5



Everyone has a story.  The rich, the poor, the strong, the weak, the powerful, the helpless, the doctor, the grocery bagger, the banker, the waiter and most importantly, the people you come in contact with every. single. day.

No matter what label we decide to put on them, they have a story.  The thing is, if we took the time to listen to their story, we’d figure out that they most likely, just like us, carry more titles than the one we chose for them.  The “Teacher” might also carry the role of single mother, sister, caretaker, and selfless hard worker.  Her story might be one of love and loss.

We never know what the stories are that people walk around with.  Instead we insist on placing a label on someone based on looks and actions compared to what we know based on our experience with other peole who have similar looks and actions.

In my experience, most story’s lead to cOMpassion.  A recognition that their story has bits and pieces that are similar to our stories.  There is beauty and magic in sharing stories.  So be on the look out, and take the opportunity to listen when it arises.  You just might discover an ordinary person with an extraordinary story that leads your heart towards cOMpassion.