Om:    as in home – the eternal sound of being

Om2:   an artery that runs through the heart

Om2art:  art by way of heart

“When we learn to live from our heart, right here, right now – we can create an extraordinary life out of ordinary moments.”

Om2art was born out of an idea whose time had come.  Artist and creative director Angie Fraley had taken her life experience and passions and rolled them up into one complete package – om2art.  Here, you’ll find a blog featuring art with hope through observations that her yoga practice and life continue to give her.  Om2art is a reminder that we can choose to create an extraordinary life out of ordinary moments, if we take the time to notice that what we have is already enough.  Her current artwork started as a simple reminder to herself.  To get quiet, go inside and meditate.  This is why her artwork features girls whose eyes are closed which serves as a constant reminder that everything you need lies within you.  She also features shapes that are reminiscent of windows and doors even if not readily seen.  “If you look out of a dirty window, the whole world seems dirty.  But……it’s a tainted view.  Clean the window and you see things from a different perspective.”

A few of her favorite things:

big trees

deep roots

old windows

vintage doors

wine, the red kind

brick homes


the smell of spring

organic food

veggie gardens

snow that glistens

her husband who listens

the sound of her childrens laughter

journal, journals, journals!

coffee, sweet and creamy

salad, any kind

the moment inspiration hits

and of course, chalkboard paint

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