Jan 1

Resolution, smezolution. I decided a few years back to dump the idea of setting resolutions (more thoughts on that here) or some far off lofty set-up-for-failure type of goal and replace it with one word. One simple word that sets an intention for my year ahead. One word that infiltrates my every decision, action, and way of being as I navigate through this thing called life, mindfully. One word that I look at every day to meditate and pray upon. Previous words for the year have included shift (as in perspective), yes (which taught me how to say no), and renew…well because I just plain needed the reminder that every breath was an opportunity of renewal.

My word for this year has CLEARLY showed itself to me through a series of messages from the universe, mostly showing up in the printed word on signs, billboards, books and other material. It also has shown up in conversations with family, friends, and complete strangers. My word for this year, is OPEN.

Open to possibilites, open to ideas, open to different ways of doing things, open minded, open to adventure, open to fear, open to travel, open to risking success as well as failure, open to taking chances, open to conversation, open to cooperation, open to my heart instead of my head, open to listening and finding stillness, open to the ebb and flow of life, but most of all……..

open to the love that is all around me.