Nov 5

For the last three years I have been exploring the connection between yoga, art, and life via this blog. Sometimes falling deep into one area and then deeper into another while trying to return to center and find the balance between them all. Integrating the teachings I have learned into my life has been necessary while noticing what has or hasn’t served. Using experience as my teacher while my family, friends, strangers and environment have served as trusty guides to bridge the gap. Constantly questioning the “bigger picture” (and making my husband crazy) which in reality for me comes down to this small present moment which is actually HUGE when you consider that it’s all. we. have.

I teach art to children, yoga to adults, and try to uplift and inspire all who will listen. But there was a yearning for more, a job left undone, a tug on my heart. A tug to share what I have learned to help others step fully into their own lives and embrace “what is”. To share the tools and resources I have been exposed to and help navigate this thing called life while we walk the path together. I wish I could say that it was “my” idea, but in reality it was simply and idea whose time has come – all I did was listen and provide the vehicle.

Introducing you to the OM2YOGA Teacher Training Program almost doesn’t even seem real and yet parts of me feel like it’s been inside me since I was a little girl, before I knew what yoga was. So without further ado, here you go…good luck OM2Yoga, I only ask you serve the people who need you you most.