May 2


This is me…..upside down and in my painting attire ready to tackle a small tree mural in a local yogurt shop.  Why would I go upside down before a job you ask?  Perspective? Circulation? To get the creative juices flowing?  no. no. and no.

I’m upside down simply because I didn’t think I could do it before I even tried.  Wait – let me back up.  One of my friends is creating a book for school and her topic of choice – yep, you guessed it – YOGA.  She had asked me if she could take a few pics of me doing yoga poses.  Of course I said yes…..I teach yoga after all, how hard could it be?  She then handed me a page of yoga poses that she wanted me to do……um…”I can’t do that.”  I was super flattered that she thought I was fully capable of these incredibly bendy poses, but they simply aren’t in my repertoire…so I thought.

Turns out, I was defeating myself by saying “I can’t” before I ever even tried.  Sound familiar?  How about that job you think you’re not worthy enough to have, the relationship you deserve but seems out of reach, or the life that you were born to live?  Why do we automatically assume we can’t simply because we never have before?   Due to my many observations of noticing my  own self defeating habits on the mat, I simply decided to try.  At first, it didn’t work – as in FAIL.  But I kept at it, trying new ways of going into it, with support, without support, and all around hilarious variations that had me giggling to myself if nothing else.  To my surprise…I kind of did it.

Isn’t it amazing the faith others have in you can compel you to rise to the occasion? Isnt’ it amazing that we don’t always have faith in ourselves?

You never know until you try…don’t. give. up.

Impossible…or I’m possible.  Just depends on how you see it.

Be Possible