Oct 28

I didn’t plan it, but somehow IT found me.  My husband went out of town, which leaves myself and our daughters to get a little creative  on how to spend our time when the “fun one” is gone.  The reason he went out of town?  Oh, to build a treehouse for his sister…see, I told you, he’s totally fun.

But, I still had to work, AND actually work a little more than usual since I made commitments prior to knowing that my husband was going.  Which means I’m now a single parent working two and three jobs.  Props to single moms out there, I have no idea how you do it.  Out of nowhere, my sister calls and wants the kids one night, the other night my parents want them (because I had to teach yoga on a night I typically don’t) and none of us wanted them to be alone.  A birthday party later, and both girlies were off again – one to a friends sleepover, and the other to my parents again as I got called in to rescue a friend at work .

What does all this mean?  It means my days were busy and work filled and my nights, well…..I was left alone.  Alone time for me usually means……cram as much stuff into it as possible to get it all done, get ahead, move forward, go, GO, GO!  But I didn’t.  I didn’t hustle, or bustle, or make lists, or cross of to-do’s, or get ahead, or work more.

I. simply. slept.

I took long baths, read magazine, filled myself with inspiration, then slept.  I went to bed earlier than normal and slept later than usual and you know what?  I feel GREAT!  As in Tony the Tiger Great only without the Frosted Flakes!  Who knew?

It did indeed find me: PEACE and PURPOSE.    Funny how the universe seems to know exactly what we need even when we don’t.  Sometimes, we just need to get out of our own way and follow its lead.  Above all, here is the conclusion I’ve come to in my quiet time.  The one I have been looking for.  So simple.



Oct 22

What in the world have I been doing since our end-of-summer Lake Tahoe Vacation?  Well, life – need I say more?

Life got crazy, busy, frantic, and just plain nuts all the way around.  I’ve done art projects, traveled for work, harvested the garden, celebrated one daughters birthday, opened a store (more on that later), made commitments, broke commitments, entertained end-of-season parties (my husband is a Coach), landscaped, helped my granparents move (and get settled), and, and, and.

Just when you think one “to do” on the list gets crossed off, another one pops up.  I’m pretty sure you’re all nodding your head up and down right now.  But here’s what I’ve been trying to do most of all.  BE PEACE FULL.

This means every task, to do, or chore gets done in the name of peace, for peace, or with peace.  Trying to navigate the road peacefully so that the tasks themselves don’t overthrow the mind and spin me out of control with overwhelm.  Sometimes that means disconnecting.  Disconnecting from the internet and submerging myself in the present moment where life is meant to be lived, even the hard parts.

The only way I know how to invite peace into my my being is to BREATHE DEEP. Scientifically, I know how it works.  Mentally, it doesn’t even matter.  What matters most is that. it. does.  Try it and see for yourself how amazing a full deep breath can make you feel before each and every task.  It just might help you be a little Peace Full.

Enjoy the breath of life!

PS – Both of those recycled fence posts were part of the art projects that I had been working on.  I put them both in said store above, meant to take pictures of the whole vignette to show you, but when I went back to snap a few, both had sold!  Back to the studio.