Aug 23

I miss you already even though it’s been such a short time since we last spoke.  I miss your clarity and your ability to remain clear even on cloudy days.

4 feet deep!


I miss the way you bring family together instead of apart.


I miss the warmth of your sandy beaches wrapping me up like a blanket when I needed it most.I miss your docks that dare me to jump off even  though I’m in my 40’s because you know I’ll do it.

Ready to take the plunge!


I miss the freezing cold temperatures that take my breath away because….well, that’s exactly what it does.  And, as much as I hate that, I really do miss that.  People familiar with icy mountain lakes totally know what I’m talkin about.  I miss the sounds of boats and water lapping against the shore that is muffled only by the sounds of children laughing.  I miss the smell of your mountain air.  Pure. Pine. Mountain. Air.  Words just can’t describe it.  I miss the amazing array of sparkling stars that fill the night sky and ponder the fact that they are always there, I just haven’t noticed them lately.  I was in AWE.  I miss losing track of time and not even caring. EVER.  I miss knowing that when it’s dark….it’s time for bed.  So simple really.  I miss the life that is just beneath the surface.  The one that’s so clear when submerged with my eyes open.  I miss the lazy days filled with music, sun, sand, warmth, and fun on the beach.

Most of all, I miss me when I’m not with you.  I miss the girl who for 1 week didn’t have a care in the world.  I miss the girl who was able to relax, unwind, and get out of her own way.  I miss the girl who said “YES” to her daughters more often than not.  I miss the girl who could even work on vacation  without pressure or guilt.  So nice.  I miss the girl who enjoyed tidying up the cabin, cooking, and preparing meals.  I miss the girl who loved hanging out with her family.  I even miss the girl who was frustrated with 4 bikes on 1 rack because her family came over to help.  I miss the volleyball tournament on your sand, but please don’t trip me so much next time 🙂 And ps: we’ll get em next year.  All in all this sums it up:

I already miss the tradition that happens year after year, but realize it’s the experience of the year in between that grants us the tradition.

Ahhhhh……… nothing is revealed except in contrast, yet another yoga lesson surfaces once again.  So instead of miss you (or me), I’ve decided to learn from you and take a little bit of “Tahoe Angie” back.  Lessons learned from the Lake:

Be clear even on cloudy days

Look deep….because you can

Don’t ever be too old to be “awed”  (my daughters snicker “make that odd” mom)

Look up more!

Realize that even the smallest ripples hit the make em positive ones

Say YES! more (Did you know that was my word for the year?)

Experience life that is just beneath the surface

Lighten up! even if that means a "cold rock" massage

JUMP IN!  Get Goosebumps, I dare you.

Aug 16

Lake Tahoe

Need I say more?  For anyone who has every been lucky enough to spend a little time staring into the crystal clear blue lake knows the magic that is revealed when one looks deep enough.  I love this place, it has my heart and always has since I was a child.  My weekend memories with my parents come rushing back as now I’m the parent with my own children. Full circle.

I’ve been needing a rest lately, and well….I’ve found it.  Here at “the lake” as us locals call it.  Pure, simple, blue, clear..

Here’s to more ahhhh’s in Tahoe.

Pics coming at the end of vacation.

Peace to all.

Aug 2

Where in the world did July go?  Well, for starters, it just plain went.  I kept coming back to this little blog of mine reading and re-reading the last post about peace among the chaos…..and you know what?  It was appropriate for every. single. day. that I read it, so I did the only thing I know how.  I kept it.

It’s funny when you actually use your own blog as a reminder to yourself to chill out.  To take a breath, or heck…take two!  To take a moment, or three!  Relax, get out of your own way and find comfort in the words written at another time from another person (even though the person was me).  I swear there is someone else living in my head sometimes.

This week, the theme I have been teaching in my yoga classes is “Energy Flows Where Attention Goes”.  We actually use the poses on the mat and test that theory by placing our attention on a certain area of the body and then noticing if we can or can’t  physically feel the energy rush to meet us.  It’s sooooooo cool.  Then, once verified that it actually does meet you where you want it, my students are encouraged to take that practice off the mat by noticing what in their life needs their attention.  What are they giving their attention to?  Where is the energy flowing?  Are they focusing on a problem or a solution?

Not wanting to be a big fat liar myself, I had to walk the walk if I’m a talkin the talk.  I need to be a student of myself.    I took a hard look and found out that my own personal yoga practice (and sanity) has not been given any attention at all.  There has been more teaching of classes than taking.  As a result, I feel terrible, my blog misses me, and my inner artist has been shushed.

Not. Good.

Inspired by one of my students I have decided to do 30 classes in 30 days – an all or nothing approach.  So. Me.

I’m currently on day 4.  Sore.  Stay tuned, I’m excited to see where this takes me, feel free to come along as you are always welcome to join in.