May 23

“Get out of the car, put on an apron, and meet me in the garage.”  Those were the words that I heard from one of my very best friends as I pulled up to her home after 4 hours of driving to her house on Mothers Day weekend.  Yes, this is normal for us.  We are project oriented girls and somehow our creative energy goes on overload any time we are near each other, sometimes so much we can hardly contain ourselves!

A few quick bites of hummus and lots of hugs from her boys and I was ready for anything she was throwin’ my way…..which happened to be a lamp, a chair, and chalk paint.  Inspiration hit, and I was IN!  Sanding, painting, and loving on her little boys put me in creative hog heaven.  Morning til night, we were in between bites here and there, paint everywhere, and the occasional trip to the thrift store and dump to see what else we could salvage.  Yes, please!

She taught me how to use chalk paint, make our own, and experiment with wax.  Heading into the weekend, I thought I was trading my hectic day to day with daughters, work, and life for a calm peaceful weekend away.   But, what I really got was to step into the life of another moms hectic day to day with sons, work, and life, oh and spin class!  But the lesson I am reminded of and come back to over and over is the realization that I can be fully present in the midst of chaos which brings me a life full of joy and peace no matter what we’re doing.  A lesson learned on my yoga mat.

For pics of the “queen of hearts” chair that transformed from dark brown and gold to sophisticated grey with pink velvet, click here.  You never know, you just might never look at on old chair quite the same way again.  Within the old and the worn, new life can be found.

May 17

Serendipity:  an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident.

That was theme as 20 (beautiful, courageous, gorgeous, seeking, sassy) women piled into the brightest of bright art studios called Teahouse in Berkely, CA.  We were drawn there by Kelly Rae Roberts and Andrea Scher who put out a call for what they were wanting in their own life:  connection. conversation. stories. real.

 And so it happened.  Twenty of the most beautiful souls I have ever met, showed up, and when I say showed up…I really mean SHOWED UP!  They bared their souls, shared their lives, laughed, cried, let out their inner dork, and celebrated the common denominator called: CONNECTION.  And you know what’s great about that?  There are no exclusions.  We are all connected in ways we know not…..but many times uncover them accidently and when that happens…well, it’s just magic.

They asked for stories of serendipity…fresh out, I had none.  But serendipity had other plans for me and decided to show up when I got home.  In looking back (gotta love hindsight) I realized a few desirable discoveries.

Discovery #1  : I had been wearing the same apron all weekend at my friends house that was hung on the wall at Teahouse.  Let me just clarify…I live in Reno, my friend lives in Windsor, the gathering was in Berkeley….and somehow the same apron I was wearing getting super creative and gaining inspiration with my good friend was also in the place where I was gaining even MORE inspiration.  I think  I need to buy myself one, I just might call it inspirapron… out Pier 1 Imports, we have a date.

Discovery #2 :  Realizing that the bright shiny light of girl sitting next to me is in the same art and business of surface pattern design class featuring Rachel Taylor that I am in right now (she lives in San Francisco, I live in Reno) who knew?

Discovery #3 :  As we crawled into bed, my husband said….hey, I knew this was meant for you today when I read it and wanted it to be the last thing you read before going to sleep.  It was my horoscope from Sundays aka Mother’s Days newspaper (which I normally don’t pay attention to or believe in UNLESS it of course pertains to me)  🙂

 For those of you who know me, this is HUGE.

 And there you have it.  S E R E N D I P I T Y

May 10

Stillness.  That elusive state of being where All. Is. Well.  The peace among the chaos, the calm in the storm.  Glimpses like those are rare, but indeed possible to find if we only seek it, scratch that – if we only take the time to notice it’s always there.  So often I notice I get taken away by the external circumstances that somehow seem to dictate the direction of my day, the focus of my mind, and the general path I take…darn ego.  Then, due to my yoga practice on and off the mat, I take a deep breath.  Deeper than normal, way deep.

Breathing….seems so  simple right?  I mean we do it ALL DAY LONG, you’d think we’d be good at it by now.  But the truth is, we’re not.  We don’t pay attention to it because it’s always there for us and continues to keep on keepin on even when we are falling apart.  The mind, body, and breath are all connected.  Much like when we are in dangerous or stressful situations, our breath becomes shallow….our fight or flight response kicks in automatically.  But we have the power to reverse that ( to some extent) among the chaos…breathe deep and notice what that does for your peace of mind.  In my experience, it starts to shush the mind, calm the heart, relax the body, and lighten the load taking the heaviness out of any situation.  Once the mind is quiet, you find yourself  smack in the middle of the present mOMent where life is calm, beautiful even.

At this point, it doesn’t matter the situations you find yourself in.  There’s no need to avoid the chaos of life because let’s face it…that’s impossible.  So instead, find your peace among it and know that it’s always there for you.  I’m not sure who said it, but I just love the following quote.

“Life is not about avoiding the storm, but learning to dance in the rain.”

So true.  So put on your boogie shoes and let it pour….your favorite song is about to come on.

Breathe In…Peace Out!



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