Mar 20


Aparigraha – Sanskrit for “non hoarding”.  Another way of saying that is “letting go”.  There are so many reasons to let go.  The last two weeks we (my yoga students and I) have been working on “letting go” of our thoughts during our practice.  Letting go of thoughts that don’t serve us and tend to make our experience on the mat miserable.  Thoughts like “my hamstrings are burning, I can’t do this, why can’t I balance?”  Rather than indulge the mind in its self sabatoging talk, we simply release the thoughts by focusing on our breath, focusing on the rise and fall of the belly and chest.  And then….we do the hard practice.  The one that begs us to take the lessons learned and incorporate that in our day to day life to quiet the mind and focus on the task on hand.

This website is one such place where I really got an opportunity to let go.  I was invaded by thoughts like “you’re not ready to open an etsy store, the pictures aren’t perfect, you have no idea what you’re doing.”  If you know me at all, I love everything to be perfect.  I want a designer like website with all the changes done at the same time.  But then, in the midst of my chaos….I decided to let go.  To focus on my breath and stop those thoughts that really want to be the boss of me.  I was able to let go of the thought that I’m not good enough or that it has to be perfect.  Sometimes my perfection stifles progression.  And so I started to make the changes slowly but surely.

This tool of ” aparigraha” or “letting go” of thoughts can serve any area of your life.  Think about the anxiety you feel, the too many things to do in too little time, the stress, the job, the family crisis,  etc.  And then, focus on what’s really happening in this mOMent.  YOU – you’re happening, you’re breathing, you’re alive.  Bring your attention to the present moment and take one small step at a time.  I liken it to the letting go of the extra stuff in your home.  You know, when you pack up all the clothes, books, furniture, etc. that no longer serve you.  When you box it up and let it go….IT FEELS GOOD.

Now take those thoughts that no longer serve you, box them up and let them go.  Focus on the breath and start on your task at hand one breath at a time.

Hold on less.  Let go more.  Be here now.


If you’ve ever wanted to take a peek at the process at how the painting came about, check out the photos below.

Background layer.  I was inspired by the colors I saw in a cafe awning as I was driving by.

Next, I needed a girl.  A cute one.  One that told me she wanted to be in this painting.  One that has the ability to let go.  So I went to my never ending supply of girls that I sketch out on anything I can find that are usually stuffed in my inspiration drawer.  Since none of them fit the bill, I decided to………

be inspired by this cute girl.  My Bella boo…the sweetness she exudes.  The braid on the side, with the flower in the hair, and those darling sweepy kind of bangs that hang to the sides in her very unassuming, beautiful, carefree, and “let go” kind of way.

So I drew her on paper, traced her on a coffee filter.  Yes, a coffee filter, and cut her out.

Once I adhered her with gel medium, it was time to get the words perfect on and play around with placement.

Then it was time for a bit of color.  Perhaps a nice bright pink flower.

And there you have it.  Breathe in ….Peace out.

Mar 11

And so is this website!  

There’s been some renovations happening with this little website of mine.  First, check out the shop on the right!!!  I have finally FINALLY opened my very own Etsy store for real.  Not all of my prints are there, but most.  I have also added two card collections that I am most proud of.  I LOVE them!  Each card is left blank on the inside for your own personal message, but the inspiration behind the art is printed on the back….thanks for the idea dad.

Next, sign up for the monthly e-newsletter.  I will send them out about once a month with the inside scoop as to what’s been happening.  That will also be the place I will announce secret sales, giveaways, and shop updates.  In the works….necklaces and journals.  I am just one of those people who can’t get my hands on enough journals.  I am currently testing out a few printers to see which ones have the look and feel that I’m trying to convey….if anyone has any ideas – I’m all ears!  As far as necklaces….well, I’ve had a few epic fails in my attempts to make them…arg.  Not sure when they’ll make an appearance, but hopeful that they will.

PIN IN – I am addicted to Pinterest.  It’s an online pin board that I use for serious inspiration.  You now have the ability to “pin” anyone of my paintings, but please do reference it’s source.  Thank you for understanding.  The “pin it” button appears at the top of each post.  At the bottOM of each post, you now have the ability to “like” it on facebook.

Seriously, I have been stretched in the technology department and have made most of these changes myself so please let me know if any of the tabs, buttons, gadgets, widgets, bells, and whistles aren’t working when you press them.  Not sure I can fix them, but I should probably know about them.  *shrug*  🙂

This message brought to you by the ability to LET GO.  More on that to cOMe…….



Mar 6


Above is a quick sneak peek on a painting I recently completed and donated to an out of state school for auction.  Full painting revealed after it has sold.  It was inspired by the beauty all around us, and within us.  It was the very first time I had actually used my own printed artwork as the background collage layer before painting.  What do you think so far?

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