Feb 23

She didn’t know that I had set an intention early in 2011 to inspire people.  Not to give them my thoughts on inspiration but to inspire them to be moved and act in a way that serves them.  She didn’t know that to me, it’s a gift to watch someone’s life unfold.  To watch worry lines fade and smile lines make an appearance.  I love the beauty that emerges when students show up to their own lives as a direct result of mindfully practicing yoga on the mat then skillfully using the tools they’ve learned in their own lives where it really matters.  This is why I do what I do….because it’s simply beautiful…and let’s be honest, makes me feel good.

Then, when I least expect it, I get notes, emails, cards, gifts, etc. thanking me for helping them, inspiring them and teaching them (all which can’t be done without loving them).  But see, it’s backwards…it is ME who should be thanking YOU.  For your trust in me as a teacher, for your willingness to try and adapt those teachings in your life, and most of all for the gift of letting me be a witness to your transformation.  This is what changes the world.

The photo above is of my necklace that my husband bought for me as a gift on Etsy.  If you want a sassy little necklace of your own click  right here.  Let me just tell you that she has a lot of goodies on there!  I also must say that I love the way the photo turned out and what it represents.  My necklace which hangs at my heart, leaned up against a rock solid foundation (my husband), nestled in the earth, with shadows of doubt….but in the midst of it all, there’s new life.  Yah, that’s good on all kinds of levels.

Let the beauty of what you love be what you do – Rumi



Feb 15

Hang in there with me – this is a first.  As many of you who read this blog know,  I mostly write about observations that I have noticed in my life due to my never ending practice of yoga, study in ancient texts, and integrating lessons learned into daily living.  I share my summaries if I feel they may in some way help others to get involved with their own lives and find a little peace along the way.  I typically don’t share the intimate details of my daily family life because….well, it’s just scary.  Growing up my world was often filled with chaos, expressing your feelings only added to chaos of which I was a part and seeing as how I didn’t want any more of it….I just learned to keep quite…hoping to keep the craziness at bay.  I didn’t express feelings because other peoples feelings might get hurt, interpreted wrong, or put a new spin on an old hurt.  Just not necessary in my opinion.  It wasn’t until adulthood and an intense year long yoga program came along that I opened up a bit and shared A LOT – after all, I didn’t have to go home with anybody and rehash it out.

But yesterday, I witnessed the most beautiful expression of feelings I have ever seen….in my own family and well…I just can’t keep it in.

“I have 5 things to tell you.”

Those were the words I woke up to yesterday as my husband was pouring my coffee.

#1 – I took the day off of work

#2 – I took your day off of work (I’ve called your boss and asked for permission for your day off)

#3- I cancelled our daughters appt. you were taking her to at 3:00

#4 – Our babysitter is picking up the girls after school

#5 – I need to tell you how our day is going to unfold


He had me at “pouring my coffee”.  After I picked up my jaw off the floor, I took a shower and got ready for the day ahead.  We rode our bikes the entire day (which is funny now because my city is full of snow today), visiting our favorite restaurants, taking a yoga class, going to the movies, visiting our new co-op, and enjoying each others company ALL DAY LONG.  But at the end of the day he gave me a poem he had written.  A poem that summed up 20 years of marriage (how did he do that?).  A poem that was an expression of who he is, how he feels, and what our life means to him.  But that wasn’t enough.

When we got home, he paid the babysitter and had all us girls sit at the table.  We checked in with each other and talked about our day…..and that’s when it happened.  When he pulled out the poem again and said…”Girls, I want to read you the poem I wrote to your mother”.  He read.  I watched.  He teared up.  I sobbed.

The girls eyes were like giant saucers, intent on every word.  At the end of it our 10 year old said, “That’s cool daddy”.  Our 8 year old pipped up and said, “Yah daddy, cool”.

Yah, cool I thought to myself, way way cool.  You have no idea.

To me, the greatest gift you can give is to let others be a witness to the love you share so they in turn share their love and life with others.



Feb 10

I can’t believe it was one year ago today I STARTED this blog.  One year full of STARTS and screeching haults stops.  One year of  full of STARTING new projects, trying new ways of doing things, and STARTING to discover my writing voice.  One full year of learning learning learning!  How to take photos, crop photos, size photos, and print artwork as well as spread my technology wings in photoshop (which I’m still not very good at).

Since STARTING this blog I have also learned to navigate my website, got a facebook page, sold my artwork, opened an Etsy store, and had my art published simply because I had taken an online e-course offered by Kelly Rae Roberts that encouraged me to do a little something every. single. day.

But most of all, I’ve made connections.  Connections with the most amazing and talented people I have n(ever) met through this crazy thing called the internet.  Connections that continue to encourage, uplift, and inspire me to keep on keepin on with even more STARTS.  As I said in my blog post one year ago today, STARTS are really just action for activity filled with immeasurable possibilities.  So here’s to hoping you have many STARTS this year.

Impossible or I’m possible, it all depends on how you see it.

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