Jan 30

The dictionary describes hope as:  The feeling that what is wanted CAN be had or that events WILL turn out for the best.

I have a lot of hopes.  I hope that our children grow up happy.  I hope we are able to purchase the home we are in.  I hope that my husband and I can take a vacation for our 20 year anniversary.  I hope he’s able to finish school one day.  I hope that my yoga teachings inspire others to suffer less and live more.  I hope that our little family can know strength in numbers….even when it’s just the four of us.  But this past week my hope is that a project I’ve been working on is accepted.

It’s a big BIG project.  A project that hope brought me to.  One that said, yes…this can happen for you and if not then everything will turn out for the best.  I have found that sometimes hope taps me on the shoulder and inspires me to take a step forward.  To learn a skill I don’t have, to throw my heart after something my head knows nothing about, and to take a risk even when it means failure in an effort to grow, expand and experience.

Holding on to hope…that what I want can be had but  letting go of the idea that my happiness depends on it brings me cOMfort in trusting that events will turn out for the best.

What do you hope for?  Whatever it is, my wish for you is that you are able to…

Hope Fully




Jan 25

Life is a balance of holding on and letting go – Rumi

Isn’t it though?  As parents we often hold on so tightly to our children until one day we realize…..we need to let them go.  As children ourselves we hold on to our parents and grandparents knowing that at some point….we need to let them go.  What I’ve discovered through my yoga practice is that life is about finding the space in between holding on and letting go.  It’s the difference between effort and effortless….between doing and being.  It’s the sweet spot.

We hold on and let go a million times a day…at work, at school, in life.  The difference is in knowing when to hold on and when to let go realizing that letting go may just mean surrendering to what is.  Holding on to the thought that it should be different often causes angst and stress, while letting go (surrendering to) the way it is often brings a whole new peace…and perspective.

What have you been holding on to?  What can you let go of?  Let’s journey together, find the space in between and enjoy the sweet spot of life.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Repeat.


Jan 17


Creating an extraordinary life out of ordinary mOMents.  Yep, that’s my mantra.  I love noticing the ordinary mOMents that often go undetected in our never ending quest for what’s next, what’s bigger, and better.  What I’ve come to find, is that what I have is already enough if I take the time to be whole heartedly absorbed in whatever it is I’m doing…So, I thought you might be interested to take a peak inside my brain as the creative process ordinarily unfolds.  Here we go.

Ordinary…my table.  I’ve been fine with it the way it is…even if it’s been unfinished (for years now).  However, inspiration found me, and I was pulled to paint it.  I don’t even know if pulled is the right word….it was more like ..begged.  The table was calling me and asking me to adorn it in beautiful colors and matching accessories as if it were attending the Golden Globes.

Since I just can’t resist a good ol’ fashion show….”I’m in”, I replied.

So I took a print of my artwork and cut it all up.  I also took the table outside, one never knows when you just might need a breath of fresh air when creating.  Breathe in, Peace out!

What’s the look we’re going for?  Clean? Simple? Lavish? Glamorous? Still not sure myself, I just put the words around the rim and decided to go with it.  Pretty sure I can change it later if I don’t love it.

Pretty woman makeover.  Off with old, on with new.


Primping aka prep work.  I like to think of this step as filing her nails before the paint goes on.  Oh my goodness…are those my moms hands?  Sheesh, I need to moisturize.

Prepping, sanding, wiping….Phew…time for a bit of tea.  I know, I’m normally a coffeeholic, however in the mood for a little Yogi Tea which always comes with a message – like fortune cookies only with tea.  How cool is that!  The note reads:

“Mantra’s you should never say.  I don’t know, I’m not ready, I can’t do it.”

Well, ok then.

Gather + supplies = paper and gel medium.

Away we go.  Ripping the paper, I gently adhere it to the table top.  I don’t know (sorry oh infinite wisdom of Yogi Tea) I can’t seem to get the air bubbles out.  Movin on.

Viola!  Back inside as the sun starts to set and my bones are getting cold, I apply the first stage of make-up.  The foundation really covers the imperfections of the uneven tones and pock marks.   I think I even found the right shade!

Inspired by henna tattoo designs, it’s time to pencil in the eyebrows and add some shadow.  It starts to take shape as the beauty comes through with different shades of paint making their way into the cracks and crevices.



My acceptance speech of words around the rim is prepared and ready to go.  I add the final touches, more paint, more pencil, more paint, more glue, more paint.



She’s beautiful. Extraordinary even.  A simple reminder to myself that these are the mOMents that count because in the end, it’s not the days in our life, but the life in our days….in our mOMents really.



During the process, I felt the joy of inspiration, a knowing, a pull.  I felt the warmth of the sun and cold of the air.  I felt the sticky of glue on my fingers and heard the sound of both my daughters laughter while I painted from my heart…outside…with tea.  I saw my husbands smile….the one that says, you’re amazing.  I saw colors mesh and meld in and out of focus while they decided where they wanted to be.  I felt. I heard. I saw. I knew….These are the mOMents that create an extraordinary life.

I’m not ready I’m not willing to let them go because this is the stuff of life.

I know.  I’m ready.  I can.   Take that Yogi Tea.

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