Nov 29


Creativity can take many forms.  For some it’s landscaping a yard, for others it’s writing a book.  Knitting, sewing, crafting, dancing, sculpting, picture taking, doodling, building, expressing yourself…..creative expression is endelss.  For me, creativity usually comes out to play when paint meets canvas and I get to see and feel what comes out.  Lately, though….I’ve been sorting through the technical side of creating (scanning, printing, packaging, adjusting colors, hues, contrast, brightness) while letting the painter inside me rest.  However, that painter…she is restless!  So, seeing as how life has a funny way of always keeping on….I decided to express myself creatively with our holiday decor.  It somehow has calmed the painter inside and let the creative juices still flow while my not so technical side sorts through the computer world.  Arrghhh.  Here’s what I’ve been up to.

As you can see, this is my dining room.  I just love how cozy it is when it’s all lit up!


My all time favorite corner.  Yes a corner.  The window treatments are from IKEA as well as the two hanging strings of lights I bought a few years ago.  How cool are those!  Lights inside of circles – love.  The garland (also an IKEA find) is just red yarn with red cut out felt shapes  tied to the yarn with string.  So easy, you could make this yourself.  I then hung a few stars made out of branches (I think from a willow tree since they’re so bendable).


JOY.  For this I simply found 4 small wreaths, tied them up with pretty ribbon and hung them on the wall.  I also found letters in a craft store and thought it would be fun to incorporate into the design.  Since this photo has been taken, I have cut out 4 pictures in the shape of circles and taped them to the wall in the wreaths.  Those 4 pics are of each member of my little family.  My husband, two daughters, and myself.  After all, our family IS what gives us joy….well, and headaches on occasion.


I even hung things from the chandelier.  Well, it’s not really a chandelier, it’s just a lighting fixture however has secret hopes of being a chandelier one day when it grows up.


Super easy fun crafty project.  First, the giant clothespins are from Michaels Craft Store.  I found them on clearance for $1 each.  Even if they don’t suit your color scheme….there’s always spray paint!  Next, I had some blank folding cards.  I really liked the thickness, but they were just too big…..not too big for my trusty scissors though.  I then simply ran them through my computer.  The possibilities are endless with this one!  Peace on Earth…Merry Christmas…Be Happy….or how about your families motto or inspirational words you just need to be reminded of.  Seriously, this project took all of about 10 minutes (once I figured out how to center the words just right).


Who knew left over ornaments in a basket with a few found pine cones from our walk would be just the thing for the middle of the table.  I love the textures, colors, and reflective light this little goodie basket brings.


And finally…this is how we display our cards each year.

Yep ribbon + clothespins = card hanger


That’s it.  I hope you’ve enjoyed a peek into my home for the very first time.  Very ordinary supplies…..extraordinary fun with a pinch of creativity!  Enjoy



Nov 11

Just play along for a mOMent…..

Pick your dream car.  I mean, REALLY BIG DREAM CAR.  I mean the “I’m never going to have it in my whole entire life” dream car.  Now imagine that sOMeone dropped that car off in your driveway with keys and a note that said, “I’m going to let you borrow restrictions…ENJOY (oh ya, not sure when I’ll be back to pick it up).

What would you do?  My guess is you’d grab your friends (after you picked your jaw up off the floor) , pile into the car, crank the tunes and drive as far and as fast as possible on an open highway.  You would most likely be absorbed by the interior, playing with all the bells and whistles, gadgets, buttons, and seat warmers.  You would test it’s capabilities, would you not?

Now think about this.  Our bodies are also on loan… sOMe point, we will need to give them back.  So why not use them while we have them?  Why not enjoy, explore and feel what’s it’s like to live inside these amazing vehicles of our very own.  Why not test their capabilities?  They’re on loan, remember?  We don’t know when we have to give them back, so don’t wait until you’re rich enough, thin enough, or perfect enough….enjoy them now.

All we have to do is turn the key, get inside, take it for a spin and see what we discover along the road.  Start your engines!

Nov 2

Here’s how the dictionary defines “beauty”

The quality or aggregate of qualities in a person or thing that gives pleasure to the senses or pleasurably exalts the mind or spirit.

Notice that tiny two letter word that makes all the difference in regards to beauty?  Notice it says quality or aggregate of qualities IN a person…….not ON a person.  When in the world did we decide that beauty was something ON the outside?  As a mother of two young daughters, it’s often a struggle to teach them that beauty has everything to do with what’s on the inside of them when everything in the world around them teaches otherwise.  They don’t have to earn beauty or buy beauty….it’s inherently already within them.  They had beauty the day they born, even if they don’t recognize it yet.  YOU had beauty the day you were born, and the good news is…it’s still there.

There’s a second part to that definition that is equally important:  the qualities in a person that gives pleasure to the senses.  It doesn’t say to give pleasure to “other” peoples senses…..just to THE senses meaning, it could be your senses – liberating!  You don’t have to take on the opinions of others and think what they think, do what they do, and love what they love all in the name of beauty.  You can find your beauty…..on the inside.  That which makes you happy and gives you pleasure, letting your true nature out is the most beautiful of all.

When you ask my daughters, “What makes you beautiful?” They will reply with “just being yourself”.

There is indeed beauty in the world – you are living proof!

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