Oct 26

Breathe in…….Breathe out………repeat.

Sometimes we just need a little reminder.  🙂




Oct 21



For me, inspiration can take on many forms.  It can cOMe in different shapes, sizes, varieties, sounds, movements, patterns, colors, and even be found in the most obscure of places when you least expect it.  A trigger if you will….one that captures your attention and pulls you in to create….or sing out loud if you wish.


I recently found a chair in a local antique mall, one that my friend had saved frOM a previous unpainted life.  One that  pulled her to create, paint it white, antique it with brown wax, and recover the seat.  The instant I saw it….inspiration hit me smack in the face with “where have you been my whole life”.  I simply knew it was meant for me.  A seat that I would want to sit in and create in my studio…FOREVER!  It’s perfect on so many levels…..the fact that my mOM bought it for me as a house warming gift was icing (the sweet and creamy kind) on the inspiration cake!


For me, it’s also like that with God.  I find God in the most obscure of places as well…sOMetimes in streams, river and lakes.  SOMetimes in sounds, smells, and sights.  Most times in the hearts of people I meet every. single. day.

For me,  a chair is a chair is a chair.  It can cOMe in many different shapes, sizes and colors…..but at the end of the day……. it’s sOMething you can rest in.

Oct 17

My friend is cOMing to my house for the first time ever to help me get better aquainted with another friend ….her name is Etsy.  While Etsy and I have a very one sided relationship….mostly me buying what she’s selling….I’m hoping that we will becOMe the best of friends with a mutual respect of give and take.   After e-mailing back and forth dates, times, schedules, kids and lunch preferences…I ended the e-mail with my address.  I meant to type “I live at”  with my street address to follow, however my typo jumped right out and instantly curled the sides of my mouth up.  I couldn’t help but smile.  One quick switch of the “i” to an “o” and a whole new word arose . “I love at”…….

I stared at the computer screen and for a half a second, considered leaving it just the way it was.  It’s the truth after all.  My hOMe is where I love  at (as a verb).  I love on our children in those walls through hOMework helping, chocolate milk, and kissed skinned knees.  I love on my husband through hOMe cooked meals, shared laughter outside under market lights, and quiet mOMents where words aren’t necessary.   I even love on myself through gardening, decorating, reading, yoga and art.   I love on my family, friends, friends of friends, and strangers in my hOMe through prayer and meditation.  Thanks trusty keyboard (or my fat fingers) for reminding me that:

Every mOMent living is an opportunity for loving.


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