Sep 19

So I get it now.  I get why they call laughter the best medicine.  I experienced the all time best laughter this past weekend while on a date with my husband (of 19 years) as we strolled through our city by foot.  Heels were probably not my best choice, however it only added to the hilarity of the mOMent and the ridiculousness of the walk home.

Truly….laughing.  The gut rolling, tears in your eyes, stomach so tight it hurts kind of laughing.  The uncontrollable, I might pee my pants, everything is hilarious……kind of laughing.  When all was said and done, when the laughter had subsided to a slight giggle, and I could finally dry my eyes enough to see….I somehow felt lighter.  Much lighter.  There was no heavy weight on my shoulders, no other stress in the world, nothing but this moment…right now to celebrate:  Life.

I must admit, I felt like a teenager watching SNL and somehow just knew my life was a skit  – waiting for someone to yell CUT! so I could finally catch my breath.  Upon reflection later, I wondered if it was the laughter that made us feel lighter or being whole heartedly absorbed by the mOMent.  My guess is that it was the combination of the two.

It’s no wonder that I’m a huge fan of an organization that does just what I got to experience.  Camp Soaring Eagle sends seriously ill children to camp to experience the healing power of laughter.  The laughter that takes their mind off of their medical treatments, painful ailments, and feeling different from other kids.  The laughter that brings them back to this mOMent and allows them to experience life and the love of  all the people around  them.  I know some of these kids personally and want to thank Camp Soaring Eagle for doing what they do!  For more more info and to check out what they do simply click the link.  You’ll be glad you did.

That’s a wrap!

Sep 12


Be You upon arising

Be You when you’re creative

Be You even when you’re not

Be You with your smile

Be You when you speak

Be You with your love

Be You when you dream

Be You in this and every mOMent



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Sep 5

The blogging world is AMAZING!  It let’s you meet with people who share your dreams,  insights, life stories, and philosophies that you might not otherwise meet in your own neighborhood.  It broadens your world view that others across the globe are going through the very same things you are.  It expands your perspective, opens your eyes, and quite often your heart.  Above all else, it proves that we ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.  There’s a connection that is simply undeniable.

Today, I am truly blessed and humbled that Beth Nicholls featured my story on her blog.  Beth believes that the world would be a better place if more people were doing what they love and let me share my story to hopefully inspire others to do the same.  Click here to read my short story and visit her lovely site!  You’ll be glad you found her.

Breath In…..Peace Out!