Jul 11

You can’t see it yet, but it’s there.  I’ve added two simple words to the painting below in the previous post.  “Come in.”

Come in to this house, the house where love lives.  Let it nurture you, keep you safe, and protect you from the outside elements.  Let it fill you with the love, light, and warmth that lives inside.  Let it be your home, your cOMfort, your safe haven, your constant.

Please………come in(side yourself) anytime, anywhere, even when you’re far away.  Sit and stay a while.  For your home, your center, your true self misses you and simply can’t wait to show you the love that lives here.

“If the eyes are the window to our soul, then close them to see the light inside.” – Angie Fraley

Jul 5


A three part series inspired by a move, carried out by love.

A soft “thank you” seemed to be the whisper I heard coming from the walls of our new (but very old) hOMe as I rolled on the paint.  The same type of thank you your skin says when you slather on more sunscreen after a long day at the beach.

The walls begged for paint.  Something that showed off its texture, divots, and cracks.  One that says you look beautiful even with all your bumps, bangs, dings and scrapes.  Wall scars, I call them.

Wall scars, much like our scars (physical or mental) which we try to hide are a part of us.  A part that helped shape and lead us into becOMing who we are.  They give us character.  So reveal them, acknowledge them, and above all love them.  Why?  Because while they are a part of you, they do not define you.  Your true beauty lies within loving yourSELF and others even with all the scars.

Yep – if walls could talk, I’m quite certain ours would say…………

“Love Lives Here”