Jun 27

I yi yi…..moving. packing. unpacking. painting (canvas and walls). deciding what goes where. cOMprOMising. fixing……..this is what I’ve been up to.  But in the midst of it all, I’ve found a smidge (very small smidge) of time to do a little painting inspired by the hOMe we are moving into.  As soon as the scanner is unearthed, it will make it’s appearance right here.


Jun 7

We often think of surrendering as waving the white flag in an effort to “give up”.  But there’s another definition of surrender.  One that can add peace and ease to our everyday existence.  One that may even lead you down the road to  fulfillment in any area that you surrender to.

Rather than giving up…..it’s  a giving in. To abandon oneself entirely to the emotion, process, or mOMent.  To give in, surrender to….relax with…..even when it’s challenging.  By surrendering to any situation that is different than the way you think it should be…. you will relax with what is.   When you relax with “what is” you’ll stop fighting “what it isn’t”.



Jun 2


Have you ever noticed that everything happens as it happens whether we choose to fight it or not?

Take the weather for example – it’s cold and rainy.  We can either fight it and cOMplain about it whining all the live long day, or be indifferent with no opinions about it….. possibly even embrace it for what it is.  Either way, it makes no difference to the weather.  It will continue on its path no matter our cOMpliments or cOMplaints.

We can’t control the situations we find ourselves in, however we can control our reactions to them ( to some extent).  Why would we care?  Because one brings us closer to stillness and peace….and the other, well, it just plain takes us further away.  I choose peace.  Not because its “right” or “I should” but simply because it feels better.  Try it, you just might discover the most ordinary days turn extraordinarily PEACE FULL.