Apr 29

Technology…..we have a love/hate relationship.  I seriously LOVE the fact that technology allows me to work anywhere at anytime with my trusty laptop and wifi by my side.  However the fact that technology is not always intuitive is a little less to be desired.  After all, how hard can it be to copy and paste a picture onto a website?????  Wait….Don’t answer that.

However, after trying to figure out how to make a gallery on this site (with a little help frOM my friends) I’ve finally got my mixed media work up.  Check it out and see what I’ve I’ve been up to lately by clicking here. Enjoy!

Apr 25

The force that is gained by a moving object…mOMentum.  While we can’t see it or feel it, we know that it’s happening.  We can see an object like a blue truck sliding down an icy hill gain mOMentum, but we are only seeing the result of mOMentum and not mOMentum itself.  It’s energy ….energy in motion moving forward.

I could also use examples of mOMentum in our lives – when we take the first step, it leads to step two.  The more steps we take (regardless of how we feel about them) the more steps becOMe available to us.  Let’s take our blue truck….  I can feel nervous, scared, anxious, or happy about the blue truck sliding down the hill, but it makes no difference to mOMentum.  It continues with its force of its object.

I’ve found, it’s like that with us too!  If I slack off in the art making department, mOMentum is gained in “slacking off”.  On the flip side, if I produce art, writing and essays….mOMentum carries me to more art, writing and essays. Pure magic.  This is when we need to find our trusty friend named Intention,  pull her from the dark corner in a game of hide and seek and bring her to light.

What is your intention?  Once you know….. take the first step toward it, then the next, and the next.  As you continue taking your baby steps toward  your intention, mOMentum will be on your side.  A force of energy to help your process move forward.

Check it out!  Experience it.  Feel free to share how your mOMentum is leading you to your intentions.

It’s an ordinary concept with absolutely extraordinary results!

Apr 21

Vacation….sunny Arizona.  Yes, that’s where I recently went on a mini vacation with my daughters for spring break.  One of my intentions was to relax.  The “sit by the pool with a pink fruity drink and magazines” kind of relax.  Upon cOMpletion of my week long jaunt, I found that I did everything except the very thing I set out to do.  Even though I had every intention, my actions didn’t match or support my intention.  I overbooked, overscheduled, worked hard, played hard, and filled my days with everything that didn’t include a pool or a pink fruity drink even though the opportunity was there.

This is why I love yoga.  This practice of Svadhyaya also known as “self study” helps bring my observations to light by examining my life and making decisions based on my experience of them.  It helps me to see that there isn’t anyone else to blame for the over scheduled week, as I fully had the opportunity to schedule time in for my date with a raft and cool pool water.  And….while I must admit I’m quite flattered everyone wanted a piece of me, I too wanted a piece of me……..preferably on a lounge chair.

What’s your intention for today?  This week?  This month or even year?  Do your actions support  your intention?  If you are intending to open/grow a business….are your actions in motion to write a business plan?  If you are intending to pass an exam….are your actions one of study?

Take a mOMent and think about your intentions……then put in place the actions that support them.  You just might find yourself on lounge chair sipping a pink fruity drink soaking up the sun.


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