Mar 26

I’ve been thinking…..since I have my little “shift” necklace around my neck to serve as a constant reminder that there is more than one way to look at things….let’s take it a step futher.  How about there’s more than one way to not only “look” at things from a different perspective but actually “do” things in a different manner.

I’m sure you’ve heard the definition of insanity right?  Insanity = doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.  Yes, that truly is insane and can make one feel crazy even when they (think) they aren’t.  So here’s the cool part about doing something different, even if it’s the same (what?).  You suddenly are placed smack in the mOMent as it’s happening while noticing all the intricacies because the details have captivated your attention.  Why?  Because it’s out of your routine…..your mind is more likely to notice your surroundings if it’s new or unfamiliar to you.  Of course, you have that same opportunity to notice what’s around you at any given point in the day, but routine often let’s our minds off the hook and gives us an easy reason to tune out.

Let’s take the drive to work.  The drive to work is the same, day in and day out.  Same route, same stop lights, same trees….same path.  Now let’s take that same “drive to work” and take a different route.  Same drive + different route = new discoveries….What I found was that even though it was the same drive to work (or grocery store, or yoga studio, or bank, or, or, or)  discovering new surroundings was actually fun!  I noticed houses with paint colors that I had never seen before, architecture that was stunning, and landscaping that makes me want to mix mine up a bit.

You never know where inspiration will find you just at the time you need it most.  So go ahead, take a different route and mix it up a bit – I’m sure you’ll find a smidge of unexpected fun.  Feel free to report back, I’d love to hear about it.

Whether you’re a yoga teacher or a student and would like to adapt this to your practice click here.

Mar 18



Where does wisdOM cOMe frOM anyway?  Where do we seek it?  I know for me personally, I lean on my family, friends, associates, and even perfect strangers to impart wisdOM when I need it most………but what I found out was that while all the advice and wisdOM from others was absolutely perfect for their lives…….it just didn’t fit mine.

Then (because of my yoga practice) I did something totally strange and foreign to me……..I asked mySELF the questions I wanted to know……and I waited. and waited. and waited.  At first the waiting for the answers I wanted to know (in our day and age of instant gratification) was grueling…..then the waiting became cOMforting.  Why?  Because as the answers started to trickle in, I started to trust in the process that more answers were on the way.  I started to let go of my needing to know right now, and continued living in the mOMent knowing that it would cOMe precisely when I was ready for it.  Our egos want the answer NOW, our true nature can wait/discover/uncover with perfect timing.

This freed up an enormous amount of time and energy spent worrying on “finding the right answer”.  This gift of meditation granted mySELF more time to notice those ordinary moments turned into an extraordinary life.

Mar 13


See that cute little necklace around my neck?  My husband bought that for me on Etsy for my 40th birthday.   It has one simple word that I chose as “my  word” for 2011.  Shift.

Maybe it was turning 40 and feeling a shift in my desires.  Maybe it was watching my husband struggle in the hospital for every last bit of air that I take in so freely.  Maybe it was watching my daughters shift from toddlers, to kids, to current  young ladies (sOMe days anyway).  Maybe it was an intense year long Advanced Studies Yoga Program that drew me to the word SHIFT.  Or maybe it’s just noticing a life lived, taking the information, and realizing there is more than one way to look at things.

This word is a reminder for me to “shift” my perspective.  To take a look at situations from a different view point and see if the situation remains the same.  I did just that this weekend as I was writing out my “to do” lists.  Instead of “to do’s”…….I decided to randomly write “to enjoys” instead.  The list was the same…..laundry, grocery shopping, etc – but my perspective was different.  Could I really enjoy doing laundry?  Do I even want to ?  Chores were the same, but a simple reminder brought me back to enjoying each and every mOMent, even if it’s just enjoying laundry….after all….shift happens.

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