Feb 27


BecOMe You!  Isn’t it fascinating to know that you are the only you out of billions and billions of people?  And yet, we are constantly trying to be someone else instead of celebrating who we are.  Trying to be as pretty, as successful, as wealthy, as rugged, as professional, as calm, as prestigeous, as flexible, as patient, as smart, as famous, as “put together” as someone else.  Then we conveniently compare ourselves to others as if they set the standard but they are just trying to be someone else too!  It has taken your lifetime to get you where you are today.  It has taken trials and errors, pitfalls and successes, and road blocks and open doors.  A life lived to feed you information that influences your next decsision even if we don’t realize it.

If we take the time to reflect on the decisions we’ve made and how they made us feel, we then have the opportunity to becOMe more of ourselves with the next ones.  This painting was also one such endeavor – there is an entire other painting underneath this one!  My girl was in a window that seemed to chop her head off, she looked constricted and trapped inside a box, rather than looking inside herself through a window.  The colors were off, the words were wrong, it just didn’t “feel” right.  She wasn’t herself.  Instead of throwing her away, I simply gave her more space – more room in her window, simpler words, and colors as rich and warm as her character so she could becOMe more of herself.  It takes a life time of becOMing to realize who we are – join me in finding out.

“Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.” – Oscar Wilde

Feb 22

Think about your favorite song….think about a time when that song consumed you, you sang it at the top of your lungs, you danced your heart out, and it was the greatest song in the world and it left you feeling that All. Is. Good.  Now think about that same song when you’re driving and you’re (ahem) on the phone or thinking of your to-do list, or trying to do three things at once, or worried about this or that, or, or, or.  Why didn’t that song captivate you this time?  It’s the SAME SONG, it hasn’t changed.  What is different is that you were distracted instead of focusing on the present moment and being absorbed in all it has to offer.  People who do extreme sports know this….this is why they do them.  Often extreme sports trick us into being in the moment because…well mostly, your life is on the line if you’re not.  They soak it up, every last bit of it.

Kids know this as well.  If it snows, they want to play in it.  If there’s a puddle, they want to jump in it.  They’re not worried about what kind of jelly is in their PB & J sandwich or  worried about their broken shoe lace.  They soak it up, and enjoy every last bit of every activity they do.  They are masters of living in the moment.

There is magic in the mundane IF we can be absorbed by it.  What activity are you going to give your full….and I mean FULL attention to today.  Pick one and try it, you just might discover that even ordinary moments turn into extraordinary adventures.

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Feb 16


I love this quote.  There are so many times that I notice I am striving and struggling to be peaceful but making myself miserable in the mean time all in the name of peace.  Wait… wha?  How does that make sense?  Wrestling my “to do” lists to squeeze in the time to meditate, relax, read, do yoga, walk, (insert your favorite peaceful activity here) etc.  Rushing through my day, frantically getting my  never ending chore list done, so I can then rest and “be peaceful”.

What I’ve come to discover is that being PEACE FULL while navigating our daily life in any activity means loving the life you have by living in this mOMent and not needing an escape to peace.

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